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The Russian Ark gallery was founded in 2020 in Singapore by a Russian-born art dealer and business consultant Maria Polyantseva. 


Our mission is to help you uncover the young modern talents who create masterpieces here and now. To achieve this, we only admit professional artists of the highest calibre pre-selected by a team of curators and art historians.​ 


In line with the strict selection criteria, all our represented artists: 


— are academically-trained averaging between 7 and 11 years of professional art education;

— possess a unique and easily distinguishable pictorial language;
— are fully dedicated to furthering and progressing their artistic careers.
Whether you are looking for an investment asset or for a timeless piece of beauty, your one and only artwork maybe just a few clicks away.

Maria Polyantseva, Founder of The Russian Ark

© 2020 Copyright

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