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Our Mission

We are committed to unveiling to the world the best of the Russian figurative tradition, carried through centuries, uninterrupted​
The Russian Ark represents a handful of the top talents graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts (aka Repin Art Academy). Each of the represented artist has undergone a rigorous 6 year training program and yet possesses a powerful voice of his / her own.

Our deepest desire is to create an environment where our artists are able to focus on their practice (without compromises and sacrifices) and create masterpieces that will stand the test of time while our our collectors are able to discover and invest in the masters of tomorrow.


Top quality original figurative artworks carefully selected by our team of art historians and researchers and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

Each artwork comes with a personal story from a living artist. We inspire you through their sources of inspiration and creativity in regular media coverage

We are proud to offer museum quality artworks that will stand the test of time despite the changing trends 

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