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Samir Rakhmanov_Still life with three white cups_2021.JPG

Samir Rakhmanov's Decorative Microcosm

THE RUSSIAN ARK |  NOV 25 - DEC 9, 2021

The Russian Ark is proud to present Decorative Microcosm, an exquisite collection of Samir Rakhmanov's latest works.


It includes 12 bright and elegantly composed paintings and drawings that were created mainly in the artist's studio in St.Petersburg, Russia and demonstrate that anything can be a subject as long as the artist reaches the formalistic harmony on the canvas. 

Though balancing on the verge of abstraction when observed closely, Samir's still lifes, interiors and figures as a whole are nonetheless palpable, three-dimensional and even atmospheric.

Unexpected, novel and rare, with a precise and refined colour scheme, the works from Decorative Microcosm contain all the quintessential elements of Samir’s maturing style.