I am always looking for the truth of the moment and its conventionality. When I interact with nature, I do not keep in mind any ready-made colour schemes and preconceived colour combinations.—Nikol Klampert​

Creative fire, unrestraint exuberance and dazzling colour - these are the key ingredients of Nikol Klampert's style encapsulating his philosophy: embracing life's good vibes and atmosphere.


Nikol creates glorious pictures possessing an unmistakable aura of joy and freedom, reconnecting with the traditions of Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso, to name a few. Despite his rigorous academic art education, Nikol's art is spiced up with the elements of pop culture alongside street underground. 

Raised in Israel, Nikol Klampert graduated from the Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St.Petersburg, Russia in 2018. 

Nikol participates in national and international exhibitions: from New York to Tel Aviv. He currently lives and creates in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


Photo: © Samir Rakhmanov



Nikol Klampert_Pink Light_Oil on Canvas_ 75X40cm_650$.jpg