Valeria Privalikhina, Forza d'Agro, 2019 

Oil on canvas, 50 × 40 cm (19.7 × 15.7 inches) 

© Valeria Privalikhina 


“Standing there on a sunny autumn day in front of Chiesa Santissima Trinita, I found myself in the state of quiet admiration, a mood prevailing in me when painting in Italy. It was not crowded, so I could enjoy long evening shadows and a moment of introspection in front of my easel.” —Valeria Privalikhina


Forza d’Agro is one of those tiny communes in Sicily perched high in the mountains with a population of less than 1000. Tourists sometimes flock there to visit places where “The Godfather” was filmed. For Valeria, however, Forza d’Agro presented a chance to compose another visual poem of light and shadows. As if sculpted by light, the scene is both palpable and dreamlike.