Valeria Privalikhina, In My Studio, 2020 

Oil on canvas, 50 × 45 cm (19.7 × 17.7 inches) 

© Valeria Privalikhina 


"My studio is situated in the historical part of St. Petersburg, on the top floor of a 19th-century eclectic building. It has an old chimney, original mouldings and some fragments of the ceiling painting decor. I have long wanted for a chance to paint this space, and then one day I asked myself, why not today?


In this work, I wanted to convey the atmosphere, colour and lighting as accurately as possible; it was important for me to make an honest record of this time-space continuum. I also captured the figure of my boyfriend who was sitting on a couch waiting for me to finish the painting. I thought his presence enlivened the interior nicely." —Valeria Privalikhina