Valeria Privalikhina, Still Life With a Silver Platter, 2020 

Oil on canvas, 60 × 65 cm (23.6 × 25.6 inches) 

© Valeria Privalikhina


"This still life combines geometry and softness. It uses simple shapes, the regularity of the striped tablecloth, small red berries and a delicate hazy colour scheme. Each element is simple on its own, and together they create a precious moment of harmony. The soft and slightly vague atmosphere likens this still life to a distant memory, with no clear boundaries and leaving room for imagination." —Valeria Privalikhina

Still Life With a Silver Platter by VALERIA PRIVALIKHINA


This unique original work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 


Signed lower right: V.Privalikhina.